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Booking tickets for the Haddo Festival 2021

In these unusual times, Haddo Arts, like many other arts organisations, has lost significant income from ticket sales, advertising revenue and programme sales.

When we decided to take the 2020 Haddo Arts Festival online to support the performers, we made all events free to watch and asked viewers to make a donation if they could. Many did so, and their donations were very gratefully received, but they represented a small fraction of our lost income.

Staging the Festival online costs much the same as the live Festival at Haddo. Money saved in one area needs to be re-allocated to others, such as professional director, cameraman and lighting technician.

The Festival costs around £62,000; with core operating costs, this means our annual budget is in the region of £75,000. Whilst we are busy raising funds from trusts, foundations and sponsors, we still urgently need audience donations to help us meet these costs.

In 2021 our Festival will again be online due to the uncertainty of what will be permitted in the autumn. As before, the events will be free to watch, but we do need your support in the form of donations if we are to sustain Haddo Arts for the future.

We are therefore asking that if you are able to do so, you contribute what you can, each time you enjoy one of our online concerts.

We are very grateful to you all and hope that you enjoy the 2021 Festival.

Events outside the Festival may be ticketed and the tickets will be available from this site.