Experimental Use of Space 2018

Friday 8th October 2021

Venue: South Wing and Courtyard

This event has passed


Event information

Curated by Margaret Preston and Roderick Scott, this exhibition of 3D work encompassed sculpture, film, image projection, installation, textiles and sounds. The art works were set in the unique spaces in and around the South Wing and Courtyard of Haddo House, an area which the public rarely have the opportunity to visit. The washroom contained a show of art work by young (under 19) artists, curated by Jane Hislop. Across Festival week, the show was visited by over 600 people.

Experimental Use of Space 2018 artists included: Margaret Preston, Jane Hislop, Roderick Scott, mags Grey, Kevin Morris, Susan Cassie, Mary Cane, Merlyn Riggs, Rosie Wood, Ann Craig, April Pressley, Gilyan Noble, Helen Denerly, Gerry Stott, Shelagh Brown and Hannah Halliday.

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