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We are delighted to present the Haddo Children’s Theatre production of “Dazzle”, written by Andrew Bailey of Limelight Musicals. This performance from 2019, available online for the first time as part of this year’s Haddo Arts Festival, replaces the planned “The Show Must Go Online”.

When Poppy Pringle joins her father in Dazzle Bay, she finds a seaside fun fair that has seen better days. Crowds are down, the rids are falling apart and Murgatroyd Megarich wants to demolish the fun palace and turn it into an office block.

Will Poppy and her fairground friends thwart Megarich?
Will Flossie find her man? Will Superintendent Beakworthy and Inspector Failsafe survive the Ghost Train? Will Poppy save the Dazzle Bay Fun Palace?

Join us at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 7 October to find out!


Biography Information

Haddo Children’s Theatre is a company of around 50 performers aged from 8-15, who annually come together to produce, rehearse a show from September and perform it in March in the Canadian Hall at Haddo House.  HCT is run by volunteers and is led by Director Graham Wilson and Musical Director Rob Fryor

Event Details

Wednesday 7th October 2020 7:30 pm

Admission Free

Venue: Haddo Arts YouTube Channel

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Access Haddo Children’s Theatre “Dazzle” on YouTube