Myrtle Throgmorton’s Haddo House Tour

Monday 5th October 2020
7:30 pm

Venue: Haddo Arts YouTube Channel

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Miss Myrtle Throgmorton, OBE pending… is from Esher in Surrey and like so many others this summer, she’s pitched her tent in Scotland on a staycation.  Although in her case it’s probably a marquee.

Myrtle adores everything Scottish and is chairman –  for want of a less sexist term – of NICOLA, the Nearly Independent – or Never Independent, she’s hedging her bets… Nearly or Never Independent Caledonian Old Ladies Association which she founded with her dear friend Midriff Bulge.

Top of her places to visit in Aberdeenshire was Haddo House, but it is locked up in lockdown.   However, never one to be thwarted, she has blagged her way in, on the grounds that she could be a distant relation of the Gordon family……  

Join her on the Haddo Arts YouTube channel as she guides us in her inimitable fashion through the House and Chapel and chats, socially distanced, with the interesting and talented people she meets on her way.



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