Haddo Harpsichord to feature in Arts Festival Programme


A harpsichord is a stringed keyboard instrument that makes the sound by plucking the strings – rather like a guitar with a keyboard.

The instrument at Haddo, which belongs to HHCOS, was built in 1978 by David Murray. It has been finished in highly coloured green and gold, and, as was common in the seventeenth century, features plants and flowers painted ‘in tempera’ on the soundboard.

The instrument will be used in two concerts at this year’s Festival. On Saturday 5th October with the Haddo House Choral Society, supporting both soloists and the choir playing ‘continuo’ for the opening concert of Handel’s great oratorio Samson.   It will feature also as a soloist on Friday 12th October with the amazing baroque group Red Priest.

Do come and hear this wonderful instrument playing music of the baroque period for which it was designed!

Save the Date!

Oxford Professor of Poetry to visit Haddo

2023 – Another terrific Festival!