Haddo Arts will maintain the heritage of Haddo as a centre of excellence in the arts, while building an organisation for the 21st century that will facilitate artistic development and support the artistic ambitions of artists locally, nationally and internationally.

Focused around an annual festival at Haddo, Haddo Arts will present a programme of events that will entertain, stimulate and provide educational opportunities to audiences, artists and other communities who may benefit from the arts.

Events will not be constrained by age, gender, race, nationality or creed.

Haddo Arts will seek to promote artistic excellence and enable the highest standards.

Haddo Arts will work collaboratively with organisations, communities, artists and arts professionals whose ambitions are aligned with ours. We will promote the development of new artistic works while celebrating the best artistic endeavours from previous ages. We will encourage contemporary thinking about the arts and facilitate learned debate to stimulate the growth and influence of the arts in Scotland.

 Haddo Arts will strive to make the arts accessible to everyone, by presenting opportunities for everyone to engage at whatever level they wish, at reasonable cost and without discrimination.